Slice Pizza is a single slice of a large 18 inch pizza (9 inch slice) served hot within 5 minutes. It gives you the option to choose and pay for a single slice as compared to a whole round pizza. Slice Pizza means convenience of Quantity, Price, Time and Variety of toppings. It's a personalized pizza filling enough for an individual.

Key Product Highlights

  • Large 9 inch Slice Pizza
  • Variety of toppings suiting Indian Tastes
  • Veg, Non-Veg and Jain Slice Pizza
  • Served hot in 5 minutes
  • On-the-move eating product
  • Price starts at Rs. 69/-*



Margherita Slice, Tandoori Paneer Slice, Italia Slice, Shanghai Slice and Garden Fresh Slice.


Milano Sheekh Kebab Slice, Tuscan Tandoori Chicken Slice, Spicy Chicken Slice, Lamb or Pork Pepperoni Slice and Mexican Chicken Slice.


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