This is Food Factory™ most innovativeconcept.
Food Factory™ is the only company in theItalian Fast Food Industry to be able to produce and sell Slice Pizza™ within 100 sq ft. The kiosk is mobile and can be dismantled, making it a very low risk investment.

100 TO 150 Carpet (sq ft)

Outlet Locations
1. Malls
2. Railway stations
3. Airports
4. Multiplex/ Cineplex
5. IT Parks
6. Tourist Areas

National Tie Up with the two largest Multiplex companies in India
1. PVR Adlabs
2. Big Cinemas (Adlabs)
3. Fame Adlabs
4. INOX and many more

INR 12,17,900
In words: Indian Rupees – Twelve Lakh Seventeen Thousand Nine Hundred
(inclusive of franchise fee)
Franchise Fee is renewable every 5 year

Spend Areas
The typical investment in a store would include: architectural design, civil, plumbing, equipment, interiors, furniture and fixtures, signages, menu boards & training including lodging, boarding and transport.

Franchise Fee:
INR 2,50,000
Indian Rupees Two Lakh Fifty Thousand

Service Tax as applicable on Franchise fee
The investment shown above does not include rental deposits.


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