What kind of Franchise is this?
This will be an intra-city franchise (within the city), granted for a geographical region comprising of a particular area of a city. (Master franchise will be granted for the complete city or region).
Will it be Exclusive?
This franchise will give you the rights to open one store within a specified period without granting any exclusivity (In the case of a master franchise, the master franchisee has the right to open mutually decided number of stores within a stipulated period of time, either themselves or by sub-franchising).
Will you appoint anyone else in the zone I am operating in?
The company can, but will not, unless it deems it essential, based on your performance or on your request to give up a part or whole of the area to another.
(In the case of a master franchise, the company will not appoint another master franchisee)
(Please note: as Food Factory™ is opening primarily in malls, airports, railway station,cinemas etc across pan India, the question of territory is defined within the building) .
What is the structure of the franchise fee?
Restaurant Format Rs. 3.50 Lakhs (renewable every five years)
Food Court Format Rs. 3.25 Lakhs (renewable every five years)
Kiosk Format Rs. 2.50 Lakhs (renewable every five years)
Royalty will be calculated at 8% of the net sales (based on sales exclusive of VAT)
Advertisement Royalty will be calculated at 2% of the net sales (based on sales exclusive of VAT)
Service tax will be added to the above royalty percentages
What would be the approximate set-up cost?
We have THREE different outlet formats
Format 1 KIOSK
AREA 100 - 150 SqFt Carpet Area
FRANCHISE FEE Rs. 2.5 Lakh plus service tax as applicable
AREA 275 TO 300 SqFt Carpet Area
FRANCHISE FEE Rs. 3.25 Lakh plus service tax as applicable
AREA 1200 - 1500 SqFt Carpet Area
FRANCHISE FEE Rs. 3.5 Lakh plus service tax as applicable
Investment Areas
Architectural design
Furniture and fixtures

Menu board

Training & Development

Initial Pre and Post launch phase Marketting and Advertising.

What would be my Return-on-Investment (ROI) & payback period?
Return-on-Investment is dependant on site location and the capability to manage and run your own business according to the specified Mardi Gras Restaurants’ Standard Operating Procedures. The payback period should be 14 to 18 months depending on the sales mix.
Who does the Site Selection?
Mardi Gras Restaurants will assist you in finding the right location and in many cases we have already identified potential locations and may have already negotiated the rentals and other terms.
Will I be provided training?
There are two options of training that you may choose from
Option 1: Your initial store team will be provided a 2 to 3 week training in all functions of the business at the location itself post opening; while you will be required to come to Mumbai for training for 2 weeks on how to operate the outlet. The total process for this option is 4 weeks.
Option 2: You and your initial store team will be provided 8 weeks training in all functions of the business. You and your staff will be required to come to Mumbai for training.
What about Purchasing?
Appropriate product specifications and a list of approved products will be provided. Where possible local suppliers and vendors will be identified, evaluated and commissioned. The secret ingredients and sauces that actually give flavour, colour, texture and smell to the food will be supplied by Mardi Gras Restaurants to you with a minimum of one month shelf life.
Who will decide the menu pricing and the sales promotion?
Mardi Gras Restaurants will decide all menu pricing, menu items and sales strategy.
What about Advertisement & Sales promotion?
The franchisee will have to spend 2% of their net sale on advertisements and promotions with an additional 1% in the first year. Detailed modalities on spending will be defined in the Principal Agreement.
What qualities we expect from a Food Factory franchisee?
Following commitments are required from a Food Factory Franchisee
1. Run the franchise location by spending a minimum of a few dedicated hours per day on-site.
2. Meet all project costs under the guidelines and time frames.
3. Meet all operational and capital expenses.
4. Apply, obtain and renew all licenses, permissions, sanctions required by law for running a restaurant.
5. Pay the necessary government taxes and levies on time.
6. Bear all costs towards renovations and up gradation of work.
What are the criterias for being a Franchisee?
1. An individual who owns a property or is willing to take a property on rental/lease/conducting basis in a prime location or preferably in malls, IT parks, railway stations, high streets, cinema/multiplex or airports.
2. Have an established base in his/her city.
3. Willing to set up a separate company for their business venture.
4. Ability to provide/acquire commercial space suitable for a restaurant at a strategic location.
5. Willing to invest the above mentioned amounts in relation to each model.
6. An Individual with the ambition to be a part of India's future leading Food Retail Brand.
7. Willingness & Ability to spend a considerable amout of time daily to the business.
We are interested in Food Factory and believe the concept will sell in the area that I am interested in, but I don't have a location. Can Food Factory help me?
Food Factory™ is growing leaps and fold, expanding and adding approximately 5 stores per month. Many a time we may have multiple proposals for you within your city of interest. We are in touch with several national level pan India real estate and broking agencies, mall developers, cinema/multiplexes, IT park builders, IT park office occupants across all cities. We continuously receive new locations that have potential for our brand. This information is first provided to our existing franchisees as an additional franchise offer. As most of our franchisees have more than 2 stores each, in some cases 5 stores each, we help them expand their business to earn in lakhs per month and not just thousands of rupees.
As for the prospective franchise applicants, to start a franchise relationship by finalizing all franchise formalities first is more important that having or waiting for a great location and not granted a franchise opportunity as the franchise offer for that particular area would be given to the franchisees who have already signed with our company”.

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