Market Study

Through our resources and relationships with several renowned national and local broking houses across India, such as, REBI. Jones Lang Lasalle Meghraj, Cushman & Wakefield, Knight Frank, IPM etc., we are in touch with the ongoing retail development, market share and spend (per customer) of each market. This puts us in a better position to offer good retail investment advice.

Feasibility Study
With our up-to-date knowledge of each city and years of experience in this field, we understand the market and the return expected. Therefore, we are in a position to offer free consultation on several key decisions, such as property selection, market study, footfalls and finally, return on investments based on the above.

Established Brand Name
Food Factory™ has followed the oldest rule in the book, "Take care of the customer, and the business will take care of itself". Hence, today we have an established brand name and goodwill built on the brand recognition in every market, using our past successful and proven methods. Food Factory™ uses innovative and practical marketing strategies to spread awareness of the concept within new cities. Food Factory™ has registered and trademarked all intellectual property rights for the brand.

Tested High-Quality Menu
Our Research & Development Team continuously experiments on new recipes and production methods to create higher guest satisfaction with choice, taste and value-for-money. Our Executive chefs have over 300 tried, tested and standardized recipes that could be introduced as and when needed.

Stringent Standardized Systems
Food Factory™ has documented manuals and training videos to assist each franchisee during the training and post store opening period. These manuals and videos help our franchisees for their future references. We continuously improve upon our 'time-tested systems' in areas of daily operations, marketing, branding initiatives and logistics.

Continuous R & D
The sheer fact that we have constantly created new recipes to suit the Indian palette whilst retaining the traditional Italian flavor indicates that our menus have been designed after intensive market research. We use imported ingredients for several of our dishes. Our team of chefs innovates and tries new products according to the market and zone. For instance, ‘Sheekh Kebab Slice’ was introduced in Andhra Pradesh region, as it was researched that Sheekh Kebab is the local favorite in the masses.

Not only in food, but our research and development team constantly works in different areas like marketing, competitor study, product innovation, better operating systems and several other avenues in the business. It is a process that takes a huge amount of research - yet another worry you won't have to bother about. All you have to do is take our ideas and put them into practice.

Daily Sales Data Analysis

Your point-of-sale is linked with specialized software which provides every minute detail to our corporate office. Our corporate office reviews your sales and menu item details daily and assists you in implementing localized sales and marketing initiatives that are low cost and effective. Based on our sales strategy we devise our advertising strategy to increase sales.

Intellectual Property and Experience
Food Factory™ has been successful till date because we have learnt the tricks of the trade and are strong professionals backed by business acumen. We have registered intellectual property rights for Food Factory™, Slice Pizza™,
Pizza-by-the-slice™ and Pizza Slice™. Our tag line – Slice Pizza, Khaya Kya™ and our menu names are also registered intellectual properties.

We will assist you by mentoring you on the methods of how to run a successful business step-by-step, and also will share extremely confidential information with you via one-to-one training. Our exclusive know-how in several areas of the fast food industry has helped us remain a notch above our competitors and deliver the financial success we enjoy to date.


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