Systems Support

The Food Factory™ franchise represents a chance to run your own business without being alone. You will be supported by strong Food Factory™ systems in the areas of operations, training, advertising, marketing, real estate, construction, purchasing and equipment.

Technical Support
As a majority of the investment made by you is investing in kitchen equipment, computer hardware and software (specification and suppliers provided by Mardi Gras Restaurants), detailed manuals describing technical support will be provided to you for all of the above. Initial training will be given on how to operate the equipment and software to reduce daily wear and tear and prolong the life of the equipment so as to reduce your maintenance costs in the longterm.

Intensive Training to the Franchisee
Before an individual can become a franchisee they must successfully complete our training programme. The training programme is very much the bedrock of our approach to franchising, and ensures the consistency and standards for which the Food Factory™ brand is well-known.

The important thing is that you're ready when the time comes. We won't just hand over the keys and leave you to sink or swim. That's why our training process is significantly more comprehensive than many others.

Training Programme Schedule
Franchisee along with his/her staff gets trained in various field like; Company Induction, Store Tour and Introduction to Daily System, Kitchen Production, Sales and Service, Food and Beverage Costing, Financial Data Analysis, Strategic Thinking and Implementation.

Store Opening Assistance
Food Factory™ has a designated team of managers that will be positioned at your store from the first day to assist you in opening the store, standardization of daily duties and recipes, implementation of launch phase marketing and advertising strategies as well as hiring and training of the first team. The franchisee and his team receive an on-site training module.

Manuals and System Documentation
When you enroll to become Food Factory™ Franchise, you will be given all necessary data that will help you to start up your business effectively and efficiently. The manuals will cover all topics of business, which you can refer to at any given time.

Accurate Accounting and Control Systems
Each Franchisee is taught the stringent systems to control his/her daily accounts. The financial data is then analyzed bi-monthly by Mardi Gras Restaurants and sound financial advice is imparted to each franchisee.

Advantage of Bulk Buying
Mardi Gras Restaurants power of collective buying for certain food products and all equipment delivered by us is put to use by passing on the benefits of lower than market price of products to you, to ensure that you enjoy higher profits.

Negotiations and Site Selection Help
In the fast-food industry there is one factor that can make or break your business and that is the location of your outlet. Mardi Gras Restaurants P Limited will assist you in finding the right location, negotiations and legalities. Mardi Gras Restaurants is the only company to have a full-time 'property selection and offering department' to assist potential franchisees with choices of new store sites.

Hygienic and Well Established Food Suppliers
Mardi Gras Restaurants has allocated key distributors for each key raw materials used in preparing our dishes. For fresh produce we will find and allocate local suppliers for all food materials after reviewing their hygiene standards, from point-of-purchase to point-of-sale to the franchisee retail outlet at a fixed yearly rate. This will help in standardizing the food costs as well as ensure that only the best raw materials are used by all franchisees.

Assistance with Hiring and Training Employees

Mardi Gras Restaurants will help in intensive hiring and training the first batch of employees. A detailed HR structure, systems and growth process of each employee will be pre-mapped.

Satellite Kitchen Design in Accordance with HACCP
Mardi Gras Restaurants will provide you with a complete layout of kitchen design, equipment placement, plumbing and electrical fixtures designed to international standards, using practical, cost effective and cost saving equipment, furniture and fixtures to contribute to lower monthly overheads and create a safe environment to work in.

Lowest Rates on Equipment and Fixtures
Mardi Gras Restaurants' power of collective buying promises the lowest rates on all equipment, furniture and fixtures. All discounts that we receive from our equipment supplier will be passed on to the franchisee to reduce the set-up costs.

Robust IT Systems Integrated in the Daily Operations
Mardi Gras Restaurants has invested in creating comprehensive IT software that integrates daily sales and purchase records. It facilitates the franchisee in forecasting for smoother operations. The software also assists you and Mardi Gras Restaurants in analyzing financial data.


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